Any donations are greatly appreciated

Here are some ways you can make your contribution:

1.    You can mail in your cheque to St. Luke Lutheran Church, 10177 148th Street, Surrey, BC, V3R 3X2

2.    You can drop donations off at the church during office hours, maintaining social distance, or drop it in the mailbox. 

3.    You can now also make your donation by e-transfer:

a)   If using e-transfer is new for you, your banking institution (or a grandchild?) can help you.

b)   If you are familiar with e-transfer, log in to your bank account, set up St. Luke as a new e-transfer recipient, select email as the preferred method, and use this email:

c)    In the ‘Message’ box, please enter your name and the designation of the offering, e.g., Joe Bloe, Lord’s work

d)   When you send an e-transfer, you will receive confirmation email that your e-transfer has been accepted.

e)   Several members have now tried it and report that it works well.

4.    PAR contribution

PAR (pre-authorized remittance) is a way to have your bank automatically make a pre-set donation on the 20th of each month.

a)    If you are a PAR contributor, this may be a time to review your pre-set offering.

b)    If you are not a PAR contributor and wish to be, please contact Darlene Deheer at (604) 655-8332 or

5.    If you would like someone to pick up and deliver your offering, please call the church office at 604-584-6446

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